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Enquiry Page

We are offering the best options for the different applications. You will not have to do any paperwork. Siara Shield offers you the perfect services for different purposes, booking, registration, membership and so on. No worries no matter from which profession you are coming, the right form template is important there.
Proper customizable options are available for our Siara Shield. You can easily choose and use it as per requirement.
So you can use the online education form right away.

OnlineOrder Forms

You can simply order for our service online now by simply completing now. Just fill up all the details and sent to us.

Registration Page

What the registration page you can make use of our Siara Shield as with that you can be sure that a chatbot is not making the registration process completed.

Online Application Forms

In case of online applications you can now make use of power capture as with that you can be sure that the application is done by a human and not a chatbot.

Online Bookings

It is seen that in case of online bookings lots of chatbot booking are done. With our Siara Shield you can ensure that the bookings are manually done.

Request Forms

In case of any kind of request form you can put our Siara Shield service as you will know for sure that the request are done by the human beings and not tampered in any way.

Feedback & Reviews

A lot of feedbacks and reviews are done buy chatbots so that they can undermine the reputation of certain companies or services. With the Siara Shield service you can make sure the reviews that you get are original.

Membership Forms

Chatbot fillings of the membership forms are a very common trait nowadays and to save your time in the filtration process you can make use of the Siara Shield as it filters the chatbot filings.

Online Payment

Online payment is a very important matter where lots of fraudulent cases take place with the help of the chatbots. Here comes our Siara Shield to filter out search chat bots that cause these distress situations.

Contact us

Your contact us page will stay safe with the Siara Shield. You will be having all the security checking done right here with the Siara Shield done here.

Questionnaire & Surveys

For questionnaires and surveys the times are gone when the chatbots would answer. With Siara Shield by your side, you can filter out the ones that are not filled by the humans.

File Upload

If it comes to the safety options for file upload, don’t worry, with the Siara Shield you can filter out any bug or virus upload done by any chatbot.


No artificial or fake subscription is possible anymore now with Siara Shield. The Siara Shield lets the humans subscribe only.

Search Engines

In case you wish to keep your search engines is perfect order as you make use of the Siara Shield. It keeps the chatbot searches filtered.

Reset Password Page

So that the individual user’s accounts do not get hacked, you can be sure that using the Siara Shield will ensure that each of the password resets will be done through the Siara Shield process done.