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How does SiaraShield™ work?

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The advanced technology behind SiaraShieldTM is inspired by the unique and sophisticated ability of a person's visual and sensory memory to superimpose and integrate images. Bots do not have this sophistication and cannot recognize the image with current technology. Designed for organisations of all sizes, from large corporations to a simple website, SiaraShieldTM ensures you are only dealing with human users and not computer robots.

In addition to an easy-to-implement verification protocol, clients will have access to a Dashboard, which provides full statistics about your visitors:

  • Number of bot attacks
  • Browser type
  • Number of human users
  • Country of the origin
  • Their operating system

How Persistence of Vision Works?

The human eye uses analogue signals while computers are 100% digital, working in 1's and 0's. This creates an opportunity to create a verification test that computers cannot fake. Humans can perceive multiple images shown in rapid succession while bots will only perceive portions of this information at a time.

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By utilizing the differences between computers and humans, CyberSiara creates a unique human verification tool, called SiaraShield. Siara stands for "Security Interface for Automated Robot Attacks'. SiaraShieldTM uses advanced algorithm which is the results of extensive years of research and innovation by cybersecurity and Information Security engineers in the UK.

We all know that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques designed to bypass current image and text-based verifications have advanced hugely. However, current human verification methods used to protect websites haven't evolved sufficiently to outwit the methods being adopted by advanced computer programs. Using any of the current distorted image-based CAPTCHA poses a security risk because machine learning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies are rapidly exceeding the speed at which CAPTCHA images can be created.

With this in mind, SiaraShieldTM wanted an entirely new approach. Computers and humans operate very differently, so we have embraced these differences to ensure the computer-based attacks can't bypass our unique and novel approach.

Our eyes are highly sophisticated, and we see the world around us in a drastically different way than computers. A computer can only process zeros and ones, but human visual system can examine and differentiate the quality and density of an object instantly. The idea behind SiaraShieldTM was inspired by this process which is unique to humans and uses an advanced technology called "Trans-saccadic Integration Technique" the main process behind Persistence of Vision.

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By breaking down the human sight process, SiaraShield's novel technology superimposes multiple frames (images) into a uniform object. Even if humans blink, or look away from a viewpoint, we see the world as a uniform seamless image. Therefore, in a fraction of a second, we can see the multiple frames in the SiaraShieldTM as one. A computers do not have this ability, it's an ideal solution to differentlate computers challenges with distorted images or text.

According to our extensive laboratory researches and beta testing, none of the current OCR software or artificial intelligence techniques can understand our unique algorithm to bypass it. For this reason, as the advance laboratory security testing results confirm, SiaraShieldTM is currently known as the most secure human verification tool on the market

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Modern Bots can easily solve existing Human Verification Tests using Learning Algorithms

  • Bots can fill online forms better than humans to create thousands of fake accounts in less than a second.
  • This leads to various sorts of fraud, bandwidth and memory waste, and personnel fatigue.
  • SiaraShieldTM is 100% Secure against these algorithms and other current AI techniques.
  • SiaraShieldTM protects your server and database from automated bots BEFORE they reach you.
SiaraShield for work

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