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Checkout Fraud

Content Scraping

Fake Account Creation

Account Takeover

ReCAPTCHA Alternative

Checkout Fraud

Content Scraping

Fake Account Creation

Stopping Fraud in its Tracks

When it comes to fraud, prevention is more cost-effective than cure. By deploying intuitive traffic testing, the CyberSiARA system provides a pro-active approach to cyber-security that stops fraud in its tracks. The traffic classification capability differentiates between genuine users and potential attackers in real-time using interactive enforcement challenges – quickly halting both automated and human-driven attacks before a breach can be made.

Customer Satisfaction

Trusted brands rely on CyberSiARA for fraud prevention and security.

Easy and Convenient Integration

CyberSiARA integration is a breeze with most cloud-based platforms.

How the integration works?

Powerful Traffic Analytics Defeat Attacks

CyberSiARA uses powerful traffic analysis processes to determine user intent. By identifying fraud signifiers in traffic behaviour, the system deploys interactive challenges to test activity classified as suspicious. This allows genuine users to enjoy a seamless access experience, while attacks from a broad range of origins are defeated.

  1. Trained bots

    Bots posing as human are identified and eliminated.
  2. Automated bots

    Bots deployed for data scraping and system testing are singled out and defeated.
  3. Authentication challenge bots

    Traffic designed to overcome authentication challenges is stopped with innovative challenge strategies.
  4. Humans

    Both targeted human attacks and traffic from human-led click farms are rejected using independent verification and identification.

Intelligence and Authentication for Dual-Layer Protection

CyberSiARA delivers dual-layer fraud protection by combining comprehensive analytics processes with intelligence developed in real-time. The system stands as a sophisticated filter between fraudsters and their target, using behavioural knowledge to verify the intent of each user and granting access to genuine requests only.

Intuitive Threat Protection for Real Customer Safety

  • Payment Fraud

    Prevent criminal transactions from occurring on your system.
  • Data Scraping

    Prevent bot attacks on your website and app data.
  • Fake Accounts

    Prevent criminal access through the bulk creation of fake accounts.
  • Phishing and Spam

    Prevent phishing and attacks facilitated by spam.
  • Account Hacking

    Prevent accounts being hacked, taken over, and used for fraud.

Fraud Prevention for Your Business

Evolving fraud strategies that target vital user touchpoints are stopped in their tracks by CyberSiARA.