Easy for Humans Impossible for Bots

  • Bots are coming and they are relentless
  • They bring malware and ransomware
  • They cost you time
  • They cost you money

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Introducing SiaraShield™

SiaraShield harnesses the complexity of vision in the world’s most advanced human verification tool

SiaraShield™ is an advanced human verification tool that is based on Persistence of Vision. Bots lack this sophistication, and while humans can easily read the code, bots cannot.

Our Features

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

User-Friendly Dashboard

Live Threat Intelligence Map

Easy to Install on any Website

No More Email Spam

Fast Reporting Tool

Secure your website with SiaraShield™

  • Easy to install
  • Provides a full dashboard to monitor performance
  • Works for businesses of all sizes and across platforms
  • Can be integrated into stacked protection schemes

The Simplicity of the Product Yields
Several Additional Benefits


No need to constantly monitor and tweak threat grades


Save your IT staff from thousands of Security Alerts and Reviews


Protect the entry points No need to monitor every page


Detailed Dashboard to report on bot and human traffic

Applications for SiaraShield™

Through providing the most robust human verification tool on the market, SiaraShield™ can increase the security of your website

  • Download Bots
  • Brute Force Login Attempt
  • Video Game Take Over
  • Avoidance of Mass Online Searches
  • Denial of Inventory
  • Mass Online Shopping and Ticketing Purchase
  • Spam Bots
  • Fake Account Creation
  • Account Take Over
  • Fake Online Posts and Reviews
  • Credit Card Verification and Fraud Prevention
  • Application Layer (Layer-7) DDoS Attack

Great for a variety of industries


Travel & Hospitality


Social Networks


Ad Networks

Public Sector

Financial Services


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