Ensuring seamless access for all users while maintaining security

If you are an accessibility user,


CyberSiARA is designed to stop bots by distinguishing them from people. Visual challenges are a convenient tool for this, but not everyone can solve a visual challenge.

For this reason, we have designed a simple, painless alternative to let publishers using our service preserve accessibility for all with full Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.

How it works: first, an accessibility user signs up via the accessibility signup page, which is prominently linked in the CyberSiARA widget. The user can select the accessibility option by clicking on the menu (marked with three dots on the righthand side of the widget) or by clicking on the eye icon on the widget. Then the user will be directed to our accessibility signup page where the user is asked to put the email address. After providing the email, the user will receive an email with a link to register the user’s device Digital Fingerprint with CyberSiARA. So next time the user visits any website with CyberSiARA security on it, it does not need to solve any challenge and will automatically pass the security verification.

CyberSiARA’s revolutionary Digital Fingerprint technology would allow online users to be recognised without storing any cookies on their devices. This technology uses JavaScript to collect unique digital characteristics of the user’s device without collecting any personal information and uses advanced machine learning to generate a unique digital user ID for each online user. We call it “Cookie-Free” technology. This will enable CyberSiARA to remember the users with accessibility across multiple sites.

For more information on how our accessibility works please email us at:

Accessibility option in widget UI menu


Answers :We believe so: all users with any form of impairment who can browse the web and enter text on forms can access services protected by CyberSiARA upon registration. However, this is not legal advice: you should perform your own evaluation, taking into consideration your implementation to ensure this is the case for your deployment.
Answers :Previously popular options like audio captchas discriminate against many a11y users and are easily defeated by modern machine learning techniques. This has forced current audio challenges to become more and more difficult, introducing noise, odd timing, unusual word combinations, and so on to defeat attackers. We are thus less enthusiastic about this approach vs. avoiding the challenge altogether but will consider it if there is demand from the a11y community. For that reason, CyberSiARA has invested heavily to develop its novel Cookie-Free technology to enhance user privacy and security.
Answers :CyberSiARA is designed for privacy from the ground up. It is very different from traditional options like reCAPTCHA which are owned by ad networks, who have the incentive to track you around the web and associate you with a real identity. Plus, our Cookie-Free technology does not use any cookies on your browser and therefore we are ahead of the market in privacy for our customers.

We never use accessibility emails or info for any purpose other than facilitating a11y use and preventing abuse. Our privacy policy has comprehensive and authoritative answers as to how we use data, but the short answer is we have no interest in associating you as a person with your browsing history.
Answers :Once the user registers for accessibility, it will automatically be recognised on all websites with CyberSiARA protection on it.

For Accessibility Users: Q&A and Troubleshooting Guide

Answers :With the accessibility option, we provide a limited number of accesses per day for security reasons. If you exceeded your daily limit, our AI will automatically bring the challenge to prevent possible fraud. Also, our AI is monitoring users’ online behaviour for possible abnormal behaviour if the AI detects Bot behaviour, it will also engage the challenge to prevent cyber-attacks.
Answers :No. Please click the same email login link sent to you on each device you use to set the Digital Fingerprint for each device.
Answers :CyberSiARA accessibility uses a new technology called Cookie-Free which is based on Digital Fingerprint technology, and it works individually for each browser. Just open the link sent to the email on each browser that you want to use accessibility on and CyberSiARA will automatically remember that browser for future requests.