Account Takeover

CyberSiARA spots attempts at account takeover fraud and stops them in their tracks – bringing a halt to Credential Stuffing attacks.

Using CyberSiARA to prevent account takeover fraud

The threat posed by account takeover fraud applies on an individual basis as well as at scale. The adaptive design of CyberSiARA enables the platform to identify potentially fraudulent behaviours at all levels of sophistication and filter those requests for secondary screening. This intuitive approach then places enough obstacles around suspicious users that it becomes too costly for them to continue their attacks.

The accurate completion of these interactive challenges is simple for genuine users, making verification of authenticity process fast and undetectable. Fraudsters, on the other hand, are increasingly deterred by the dual-layer protection of intelligent analytics and targeted challenges.

Detailed Technology

CyberSiARA technology delivers highly accurate fraud prevention through the identification and elimination of account takeover attacks at any scale.

Dual-Layer Protection

Intelligent analytics combined with intuitive authentication challenges.

Behavioural Analysis

Actionable data drawn from powerful analysis of traffic behaviours.

Intuitive Challenges

Authentication challenges that are customised and targeted at suspicious user activity.

Other Solutions

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