Advanced Security

A computer can set up thousands of fake email accounts in just seconds, or generate whole new fake identities causing chaos to many businesses. If you look at the variety of computer-based attacks now being deployed, it’s challenging to secure a site. To aid businesses in this daily threat, Cybersiara™ developed our unique human verification tool, called SiaraShield™.

SiaraShield™ has been independently tested and evaluated under advanced laboratory conditions as part of an extensive program of intensive security and machine learning tests. The results confirm that SiaraShield™ is robust against the most sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) software and advanced image recognition software on the market.

SiaraShield™ was also tested using advanced artificial intelligence techniques and deep learning mechanisms in one of the most advanced information security laboratories in the UK*. The results were simply outstanding. Not a single one of the current image recognition and AI mechanisms were able to recognise and bypass SiaraShield™.

Using our ingenious technology, we have managed to create a reliable and robust solution to protect online businesses of all sizes. SiaraShield™ is the most reliable human verification tool on the market, and it is also one of the fastest and most convenient for businesses to deploy and website users to authenticate.

Current Security challenges

The machine learning algorithms and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in place today is likely to include: Optical Character Recognition, Segmentation, Colour Matching Technique, Brute Force Attack (Dictionary Attack), and the highly complex Frames Aggregation & Deep Learning Techniques.

Bots are becoming increasingly successful at deciphering and recognising the current verification tests and Captchas. According to scientific research, nearly all of the current text-based and image-based tests on the market are vulnerable against these recognition methods.

Websites are being relentlessly targeted by automated computer attacks. Businesses are often unprepared and do not have the resources to manage the disruption this causes. Despite putting various protective mechanisms in place on their websites, businesses are still being successfully penetrated by malicious bots.

The results of our advanced security experiments confirm that our technology is a breakthrough against these bot attacks. The independent tests conclude that SiaraShieldTM is 100% secure* against current character recognition and advanced techniques. Businesses can now enjoy peace of mind and confidence that their websites are well protected against ever-increasing bot attacks.

Brute Force Attack (or Dictionary Attack)

Brute Force (also known as Dictionary) is the most simplistic technique used to solved existing Human Verification Tools. Utilizing a vast database, bots randomly apply previously solved tests until a match is found. With the ability to process thousands of attempts in a short amount of time, this technique can be very successful with simpler verification tests.

SiaraShield™ protects against Brute Force by generating a new alphanumeric code after every incorrect input. There are 7,962,624 different combination and generating a new code after every incorrect answer means bots have a near 0% chance for a Brute Force scheme to defeat SiaraShield™.

Human Verification Tests have evolved to protect against Brute Force techniques, by layering distorted characters over colourful patterns and random lines. Bots have increased in their complexity by employing Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to solve verification tests, often at a better rate than humans. Using OCR, bots can easily recognise and decipher characters and images, and the technology continues to improve. The two most common applications of OCR are Segmentation and Colour Matching, which are often used in conjunction to solve tests:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Advanced OCR software can easily recognise and decipher the characters by using different techniques as follow

Current steps involved in recognising and deciphering a captcha image by OCR software.

Frames Aggregation Technique

In order to increase site security, some verification tools are now based on video rather than a single still image. With a Frames Aggregation Technique, the video verification test is converted into a series of ordered frames. The bot compares pixels in the sequence to determine motion of the object.

SiaraShield™ uses a smart noise filter to make the sequence of the frames unpredictable, making it impossible to order the frames for analysis of motion.
SiaraShield™ superimposes frames based on human perception of density. The speed of the frames allows our eyes to see the hidden characters very easily. Even if a machine learning system superimposes the SiaraShield™ frames, the result will be random noise and no image to analyze.
SiaraShield™ is further enhanced by injecting random frames along the original frames on the sequence. These frames are displaying only briefly and invisible to the human eye, but are seen by bots, making the creation of an image to decipher even more difficult.