API Security

Prevent attacks on your web and mobile-facing APIs.

Using CyberSiARA to protect your APIs from fraud

Your Application Programme Interfaces are a vital part of your online business systems. As the software facility that allows two applications to communicate, the integrity of your APIs is a high priority in terms of cybersecurity. Fraudsters target your APIs by posing as genuine users, deploying Credential Stuffing and spam attacks disguised as real traffic. The dual-layer protection of CyberSiARA stops these attacks in their tracks before they can be scaled up.

The CyberSiARA platform uses a powerful combination of adaptive intelligence, traffic monitoring, and intuitive interactive challenges to identify fraudulent users. Dynamic tokens are used to authenticate genuine customers, while malicious and suspicious traffic is trapped by a sophisticated system of increasingly complex obstacles. Your APIs are protected while business continues without interruption.

Detailed Technology

CyberSiARA keeps all your APIs secure while maintaining the flow of genuine consumer traffic.

Powerful Traffic Analysis

Actionable data delivers comprehensive performance insight.

Intelligent Filtration

Behavioural analysis of traffic enables adaptive filtration of users at all levels of sophistication.

Intuitive Challenges

Authentication challenges that are customised and targeted to eliminate bots, scripted and human-led attacks.

Dual-Layer Protection

A two-pronged approach ensures that every potential fraudster is stopped.

User-friendly Dashboard

Full visibility of analytics and threats on a unified platform.

Embedded Tokens

Accurate traffic verification using embedded dynamic tokens.

Other Solutions

Phishing and Spam

Prevent phishing and attacks facilitated by spam.

Data Scraping

Prevent bot attacks on your website and app data.

Account Hacking

Prevent accounts being hacked, taken over, and used for fraud.

Fake Accounts

Prevent criminal access through the bulk creation of fake accounts.

Payment Fraud

Prevent criminal transactions from occurring on your system.