Case Study

How SiaraShield protects the London Economic Development Consultancy from Spam and Automated Attacks.


Cybercrimes are on the rise and the use of automation, or bots, have increased exponentially over the past decade. Advances in fraud prevention technology is quickly overtaken by bots in a never-ending cycle which exposes online businesses and their customers to financial harm.

But what if we used the complexity of human biology, specifically the eye, to defeat bots in a manner they could not replicate?

With this approach in mind, and after six years of research, Dr. Beheshti created SiaraShield Verify, the first and only technology to accurately block bots while allowing genuine human visitors to easily interact with the website.

The simple challenge hides a powerful and complex algorithm operating to protect websites in a manner like no other technology.

Surrounding SiaraShield Verify is a suite of products ensuring that your website is protected now and in the future.

As a multinational organisation, we need to deal only with our actual customers, and CyberSiARA was a game-changer in our business. Switching from Google ReCAPTCHA to CyberSiARA was extremely quick, and the results were instant to stop spam and marketing materials coming to our blogs and our online forms.

Jivko Hristov Founder and CEO - London EDC

The Problem

Jivko Hristov, Founder and CEO of The London Economic Development Consultancy (LondonEDC), approached CyberSiARA in 2019:

"We had a large problem and were quite confident it was due to bots.

Our website was inundated spam inquiries from our Contact Us page and our Blog was receiving hundreds of unverified junk comments. Most frustrating was we could not understand why we were being targeted.

We reached out to web developers, who told us that Google reCaptcha was installed properly, but that the today’s bots could easily bypass that.

These two aspects of our website are key to our online marketing and SEO.

We needed a solution."

The Solution

"Our web developer had met Dr. Beheshti and felt the CyberSiARA solution would be a good fit.

I was hesitant, but eager to stop the bots, and was assured that if I wasn’t happy, I could quickly revert to reCaptcha.

The change was immediate. The bots could not seem to get through and the spam inquires, and junk comments had stopped.

In a couple of weeks, I could see actual visitors contacting us and responding to blogs.

It was easy for our team to install and has impressive results.

And I can see the CyberSiARA team is continuedly updating the product, increasing the data in portal and adding new security features.

I’m very happy and impressed with the SiARA Shield – I don’t know why everyone isn’t using it."