Finance & Fintech

Prevent fraud and large-scale attacks against fintech companies, banking and financial institutions.

Using CyberSiARA to protect the finance industry from fraud

In terms of fraud prevention, the finance industry has two related needs. Firstly, there is a need to identify and eliminate high risk traffic elements within increasing volumes of access attempts. Secondly, there is a need to ensure that the experience of genuine users is enhanced. CyberSiARA provides a comprehensive solution that meets both these needs, using accurate filtration strategies that are powerful and robust.

The CyberSiARA platform applies intelligent analytics to all traffic, filtering out potentially suspicious elements through the identification of complex behavioural patterns. Secondary screening is then deployed within the expected user experience, in the form of intuitive interactive challenges that adapt to meet all levels of sophistication.

Detailed Technology

The detailed technology of the CyberSiARA platform delivers an effective fraud prevention solution for the finance and fintech sector.

Intelligent Filtration

Attacks that hack or takeover existing accounts are stopped using complex analysis of traffic behaviour.

Actionable Data

Application fraud is prevented through the provision of comprehensive insights into digital activity.

Embedded Tokens

Bot attacks are eliminated by embedding dynamic tokens in web and mobile applications, to authenticate traffic.

CyberSiARA: Giving You the Edge

Simple Implementation

An easily integrated system that delivers immediate and measurable results.

Enhanced User Experience

Genuine users enjoy seamless interaction.

Gamification-based Design

Authentication challenges based on gamification prioritise user experience.

Accurate Traffic Analysis

Instances of false positives are greatly reduced through highly accurate traffic filtration.

Determination of Intent

Analysis enhanced by Machine Learning enables the identification of the true intent of traffic.

Bot Elimination

All bot attacks are eradicated with intuitive interactive challenges.

Removing the Financial Incentive of Fraud Attacks

The power of the CyberSiARA platform lies in its methodology of dual-layer protective filtration, powered by Machine Learning: Traffic triage, and adaptive challenges.

CyberSiARA applies comprehensive analytic processes to all traffic. Behavioural knowledge that evolves with every threat level allows for user intent to be determined, and suspicious activity to be identified. While genuine users enjoy a seamless access experience, potentially fraudulent requests are confronted with intuitive interactive challenges that increase in complexity to meet all levels of sophistication. By trapping malicious traffic in this way, the time and resources of fraudsters are drained to the point of ensuring the attack is no longer financially viable.