Online Gaming

Prevent fraud, spam and abuse against online gaming platforms.

Using CyberSiARA to protect the online gaming industry

Perpetrators of fraud target the online gaming industry and its users in a variety of ways. In addition to the more traditional fraud strategies around payments and data, automated bots drive in-game cheating, along with abuse of bonuses offered and of virtual economies at scale. CyberSiARA provides comprehensive dual-layer protection that defeats fraud while enhancing the experience of genuine users.

By applying powerful analytical filtration to traffic, and intuitive interactive enforcement challenges to suspicious activity, CyberSiARA traps fraudsters in an increasingly complex maze of gamification-based, unsolvable puzzles while real gamers can forge ahead, uninterrupted. This drains the resources of perpetrators, while keeping users fully engaged within the game environment.

Complete fraud protection for online gaming

Prevent Fake Accounts

Accurately detect automated and human-led Credential Stuffing attacks.

Prevent Cheating

Eradicate in-game bot abuse, including win-loss trading and fake gaming sessions.

Prevent Promotional Abuse

Defend against perpetrators that target bonus offers intended to attract new customers.

Prevent Spam and Phishing

Secure live chat and communication facilities against suspicious, harmful and fraudulent content.

Prevent Access Re-Sale

Stop account hacking and the re-sale of access credentials.

Prevent Real Money Trading

Eliminate the real-money sale of in-game assets.

CyberSiARA: Giving You the Edge

Simple Installation

An easy implementation process that delivers immediate results.

User Experience Enhancement

Fraud prevention strategies powered by gamification allow real traffic to flow.

Security of In-Game Assets

Instances of real-money trading that facilitate cheating are eliminated.

Effective Hacking Defence

Large-scale attacks on user accounts are eliminated.

Communication Safety

Communication channels are protected against spam and phishing attacks, as well as malicious and harmful content.

Actionable Data

Powerful traffic analytics determine real user intent.

Removing the Financial Incentive of Gaming Fraud

The power of the CyberSiARA platform lies in its methodology of dual-layer protective filtration, powered by Machine Learning: Traffic triage, and adaptive challenges.

CyberSiARA applies comprehensive analytic processes to all traffic. Behavioural knowledge that evolves with every threat level allows for user intent to be determined, and suspicious activity to be identified. While genuine users enjoy a seamless gaming experience, potentially fraudulent accounts are confronted with intuitive interactive challenges that increase in complexity to meet all levels of sophistication. By trapping malicious traffic in this way, the time and resources of fraudsters are drained to the point of ensuring the attack is no longer financially viable.