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In the education sites for a number of activities, such as seat booking, enrollment, results etc., the use of the chatbot really comes useful.


For the online business accounts using the Siara Shield can be the perfect solution when it comes to the proper protection from the artificial system access.


In case of the Ecommerce sites, the security level needs to be tightened. Using the Siara Shield makes sure of legitimate financial transaction.


For the healthcare websites of hospitals, medical shops etc., keeping the Siara Shield system make sure that no fraudulent entries are made.

Human Resources

If you have a recruitment agency website, then you will no longer have to worry regarding the fake chatbot made form fill ups or multiple form fill ups. Siara Shield is the ultimate shield that is impenetrable in such cases.


For the different IT process online where security is of utmost importance the Siara Shield really comes up with a long list of checking and filtration process.


In case of perfect marketing process online, there are several areas where some fake purchases are done. Therefore, you need to use the Siara Shield for the perfect marketing process.


Government documents and accounts are of high importance and at times, secrecy and that is why you can find the best use of the Siara Shield in keeping those documents and accounts from being hacked.