New Account Fraud

Fraud attempts using the bulk creation of new accounts are on the rise across the globe.

Using CyberSiARA to stop fake account fraud

Instances of automated bot attacks that use newly created accounts are increasing in frequency. Perpetrators stuff fake registrations with stolen credentials and target businesses offering credit deals, or new customer promotions. These attacks can prove to be highly damaging in commercial terms. CyberSiARA deploys comprehensive analytics processes to identify fake account registrations, and applies behavioural knowledge developed in real-time to verify user intent.

When CyberSiARA filters out suspicious accounts in this way, the platform then deploys intuitive interactive challenges. This process allows genuine users to pass quickly, while the efforts of automated bots are consistently frustrated by targeted friction that adapts through Machine Learning.

Detailed Technology

The detailed technology of the CyberSiARA platform prevents large-scale automated bot attacks designed to target businesses with fake account registrations. Comprehensive analytics and intelligence identifies suspicious traffic behaviours, and intuitive interactive challenges stop the progress of attacks originating from both bots and humans.

Detection of Suspicious Activity

Intelligent analytics combined with intuitive authentication challenges identify suspicious traffic.

Prevention of Single Request Attacks

Trained bots, human-led fraud attempts and scripted attacks are stopped in their tracks.

Protection Against Bulk Account Fraud

Large-scale fraud attempts are prevented for the long-term.

Other Uses

Payment Fraud

Prevent criminal transactions from occurring on your system.

Data Scraping

Prevent bot attacks on your website and app data.

Account Hacking

Prevent accounts being hacked, taken over, and used for fraud.

Phishing and Spam

Prevent phishing and attacks facilitated by spam.