Overview of SiaraShield™

  • 19 January 2021

Overview of SiaraShield™

By: Dr Mohammad Reza Beheshti

The advanced technology used in SiaraShield™ may get your attention, but our solution's real power is rooted in the human brain's superiority over machine learning.

By harnessing the power of human visual and sensory memory, SiaraShield™ provides an access control mechanism that bots, even those driven by the most powerful computers, simply can not bypass. Suitable for websites and web apps of any size, SiaraShield™ allows legitimate humans access, while blocking automated attacks.



The SiaraShield™ access control protocol is easy to implement. Our system generates the front-end code for you. One simply needs to cut and paste or load into WordPress, Shopify, HTML, PHP, .Net, Java, etc., to get our advanced access control solution.

The SiaraShield™ back-end collects information and provides management with a cyber-intelligence dashboard providing statistical information on successfully and unsuccessfully attempts to access your website. From the SiaraShield™ dashboard, you can distinguish between human traffic, bots, and Artificial Intelligence-driven attempts to gain access to your system. SiaraShield™ Premium offers the full dashboard which produces emailed threat intelligence reports, SEIM integration options, IP blocking, and more.

In this respect, SiaraShield™ has a clear advantage over other solutions by providing front-end protection while presenting back-end intel you may use in threat modelling and fortify your cybersecurity defences.



SiaraShield™ works by combining our artificial intelligence algorithms with human vision and memory. The nuances unique to humans produce a biological encryption method machine learning and bots simply cannot understand.

Did we mention it was free?

Anyone may integrate the SiaraShield™ front-end to provide instant protection by merely setting up an account. Developers installing SiaraShield™ onto their client websites demonstrate a clear commitment to cybersecurity. SiaraShield™ is a solution that exceeds best-in-class that protects against the common threats known today and continually evolves to meet tomorrow's challenges.

So, if your current access control solution does not defeat modern computing challenges or provides real-time cyber intelligence, open an account with us and protect your website with SiaraShield™.

We would love to hear from you and provide you with more information about the technology behind SiaraShield™. You may contact us at info@cybersiara.com.

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