Payment Fraud

Prevent attacks on your payment systems, and fraud based on bank card testing.

Using CyberSiARA to prevent payment fraud

Payment fraud attacks are among the most sophisticated of strategies used by criminals, causing huge losses for businesses worldwide with constantly evolving technologies and methods. The CyberSiARA platform eradicates the potential financial gain of payment fraud, prompting the abandonment of the attempt. This prevents the scaling up of attacks and, instead, stops the fraudsters in their tracks.

This approach is made possible by the customised, targeted challenges that CyberSiARA deploys against traffic identified as suspicious. Adaptive friction means that bots and human criminals become trapped in a maze of obstacles that increase in complexity, ensuring that genuine users pass through easily, while fraudsters are forced to concede defeat.

Detailed Technology

Long-term prevention of payment fraud is achieved with CyberSiARA. The platform makes any attack too costly in terms of time and resources, stopping fraud in its tracks while also future-proofing your business against further attacks.

Adaptive Fraud Prevention

Machine Learning ensures that prevention of attacks by automated bots and humans alike is effective in the long-term.

Fortified Strategy Combination

Intelligent analytics combined with intuitive authentication challenges creates a fortified platform that provides optimal protection against current and future threats.

Sophisticated Filtration

Occupying the space between criminal and target ensures a sophisticated filtration system that provides effective and guaranteed protection.

Other Solutions

Phishing and Spam

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Data Scraping

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Account Hacking

Prevent accounts being hacked, taken over, and used for fraud.

Fake Accounts

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