Prevent fraud across e-commerce sites while watching conversion rates increase.

Using CyberSiARA to protect e-commerce from fraud and abuse

Online shopping not only remains popular, but it is also constantly evolving in terms of speed and convenience. This shifting landscape is particularly vulnerable to fraud attacks and requires the robust yet adaptive solution that CyberSiARA provides.

The CyberSiARA platform delivers dual-layer protection for both business and customer using powerful analytics that are based in Machine Learning, combined with intuitive interactive challenges that become increasingly complex in response to threat sophistication. Fraud is stopped in its tracks, while the experience of genuine users is enhanced.

Complete fraud protection for the retail sector

Prevent Card Testing

Identify attempts to test stolen payment information through checkout systems.

Prevent Data Scraping

Defend commercially sensitive data, including inventory details.

Prevent Inventory Hoarding

Protect inventory from automated disruption, including fake shopping cart additions.

Prevent Credential Stuffing

Eliminate attacks based on the bulk use of stolen user data.

Prevent Account Hacking

Stop the hacking of existing, real accounts that leads to credentials being changed for buying goods fraudulently.

Prevent Fake Accounts

Eradicate instances of fake new accounts, set up using stolen information.

CyberSiARA: Giving You the Edge

Accurate Traffic Analysis

Instances of false positives are greatly reduced through highly accurate traffic filtration.

Bot Elimination

All bot attacks are eradicated with intuitive interactive challenges.

Actionable Data

Powerful traffic analytics determine real user intent.

Adaptive Protection

Powered by Machine Learning, the platform adapts to identify and confront every attack.

Remove Financial Incentive

Using gamification principles, the platform immediately renders any attack non-viable.

Dual-Layer Protection

A two-pronged approach that guarantees every potential fraudster is stopped, regardless of the level of sophistication.

Stay one step ahead of evolving fraud threats

Fraud attacks are not a static threat. They are constantly evolving in line with advancements in technology, and the development of new user experiences. This situation requires a flexible and adaptive fraud prevention solution.

The CyberSiARA platform delivers a dual-layer protection approach which enhances the user experience and promotes loyalty among genuine customers by protecting accounts and transactions. Powerful analytics filter traffic based on learned patterns of behaviour. Suspicious traffic is subjected to a chain of gamification-based enforcement challenges that increase in complexity – trapping both automated and human fraudsters while draining them of resources.