Prevent attempts at scraping and protect your data.

Using CyberSiARA to protect your data

Perpetrators of fraud use a range of strategies to scrape data from your web and mobile applications. Automated bots, coded scripts, large-scale strikes and single request attacks can all be launched by traffic posing as genuine users. With comprehensive analysis of traffic behaviours, CyberSiARA differentiates between genuine customers and potentially malicious activity – stopping fraudsters in their tracks.

Once identified through this highly accurate filtration system, potentially malicious traffic is challenged with intuitive enforcement tasks that adapt to match any level of sophistication. Genuine users are able to pass freely, while fraudsters are caught in an increasingly complex trap – ensuring that their planned attack is no longer viable in terms of time and money.

Detailed Technology

The CyberSiARA platform filters traffic using powerful analytics – verifying genuine users while identifying and eliminating large-scale data scraping attempts.

Adaptive Fraud Prevention

Machine Learning that ensures the prevention of attacks by automated bots and humans alike and is effective in the long-term.

Detection of Suspicious Activity

Intelligent analytics that identify suspicious traffic.

Intuitive Challenges

Authentication challenges that are customised and targeted to eliminate bots, scripted and human-led attacks.

Other Solutions

Payment Fraud

Prevent criminal transactions from occurring on your system.

Phishing and Spam

Prevent phishing and attacks facilitated by spam.

Account Hacking

Prevent accounts being hacked, taken over, and used for fraud.

Fake Accounts

Prevent criminal access through the bulk creation of fake accounts.