Spam and Abuse

Prevent large-scale phishing and attacks facilitated by spam.

Using CyberSiARA to stop phishing and spam attacks

Fraud attempts that use phishing and spam are increasingly common and can be a significant drain on businesses resources. Phishing uses personal data to create and spread false information, which can damage customer relations and negatively impact the reputation of any business. Personal data can also feature in scaled up attacks using spam-based strategies.

Using intelligent analysis of traffic behaviours, CyberSiARA can identify suspicious activity with a high degree of accuracy. This process allows the platform to spot the distinctions between humans and bots before eliminating the automated spam attacks altogether. Intuitive interaction challenges then ensure that fraudsters of all types are deterred from their attacks.

Detailed Technology

Dual-Layer Protection

Intelligent analytics combined with intuitive authentication challenges.

Intuitive Challenges

Authentication challenges that are customised and targeted to eliminate bots, phishing attempts, spam and abuse.

Adaptive Fraud Prevention

Machine Learning ensures that prevention of attacks by automated bots and humans alike is effective in the long-term.

Other Solutions

Payment Fraud

Prevent criminal transactions from occurring on your system.

Data Scraping

Prevent bot attacks on your website and app data.

Account Hacking

Prevent accounts being hacked, taken over, and used for fraud.

Fake Accounts

Prevent criminal access through the bulk creation of fake accounts.