Technology Platforms

Prevent automated and human-led fraud that targets web-based platforms.

Using CyberSiARA to secure cloud-based platforms

Cloud-based platforms offer the convenience of online collaboration with the safety of stringent access authorisation, but such systems are high profile targets for the perpetrators of fraud. The dual-layer protection of CyberSiARA ensures that cloud-based platforms are safe for all genuine users, while suspicious traffic is filtered out and eliminated using powerful analytics and intuitive interactive challenges.

Complete fraud protection for cloud-based platforms

Prevent Data Scraping

Defend content and user data from high velocity fraud attacks.

Prevent Spam and Phishing

Eliminate attacks that seek to fraudulently obtain sensitive user information or money.

Prevent Communication Abuse

Protect communication channels from fraudsters trying to gain access to commercially sensitive data.

Prevent Credential Stuffing

Eradicate bulk account creation that facilitates spam attacks.

Prevent Promotional Abuse

Stop fraudsters abusing bonus offers designed to attract new customers.

Prevent Fake Accounts

Secure user accounts from hacking and large-scale Credential Stuffing attacks.

CyberSiARA: Giving You the Edge

Fraud-Proof Buffer

Occupying the space between fraudster and business, the platform effectively shifts the attack surface and keeps your business secure.

Actionable Data

Powerful traffic analytics determine real user intent.

Removal of Financial Incentive

Using gamification principles, the platform immediately renders any attack non-viable.

Bot Elimination

All bot attacks are eradicated with intuitive interactive challenges.

Adaptive Protection

Powered by Machine Learning, the platform adapts to identify and confront every attack.

Single Solution

Complete fraud protection against current and evolving threats in one, unified platform.

Future-Proof Fraud Prevention

The threat posed by fraudsters is constantly evolving, and fraud prevention solutions must always be one step ahead to be truly effective. The CyberSiARA approach ensures the security of global tech platforms is future-proof.

CyberSiARA applies comprehensive analytic processes to all traffic. Behavioural knowledge that evolves with every threat level allows for user intent to be determined, and suspicious activity to be identified. While genuine users enjoy a seamless access experience, potentially fraudulent accounts are confronted with intuitive interactive challenges that increase in complexity to meet all levels of sophistication. By trapping malicious traffic in this way, the time and resources of fraudsters are drained to the point of ensuring the attack is no longer financially viable.