Prevent fraud and abuse against the travel and tourism industry.

Using CyberSiARA to protect travel planning and booking systems

The digital systems of the travel and tourism sector represent a significant opportunity for fraudsters, because they serve to connect customers with a wide range of providers. This gives criminals potential access to a variety of businesses against which every type of attack can be launched - from account takeovers and bonus abuse, to data scraping and inventory hoarding.

With its basis in Machine Learning and gamification principles, the CyberSiARA platform delivers a single solution for the prevention of every type of fraud attack. Users enjoy a seamless experience, while fraudsters and suspicious accounts are stopped in their tracks.

Complete fraud protection for travel and tourism

Prevent Payment Fraud

Halt malicious access to transaction information and customer payments.

Prevent Inventory Hoarding

Protect inventory from automated disruption, including fake shopping cart additions.

Prevent Automated Attacks

Defend against large-scale bot attacks that cause high levels of disruption and revenue loss.

Prevent Fake Reviews

Eliminate the automated bulk creation of faked, damaging reviews.

Prevent Account Takeovers

Stop fraudsters taking over existing accounts and abusing genuine loyalty points accumulations.

Prevent Data Scraping

Eradicate attacks that steal user data and commercially sensitive information.

CyberSiARA: Giving You the Edge

Adaptive Methods

Powered by Machine Learning, the platform adapts to identify and confront every attack.

Dual-Layer Protection

A two-pronged approach that guarantees every potential fraudster is stopped, regardless of the level of sophistication.

Intuitive Challenges

Customised, intuitive interactive challenges meet suspicious activity of all levels of sophistication.

Accurate Traffic Analysis

Instances of false positives are greatly reduced through highly accurate traffic filtration.

Actionable Data

Powerful traffic analytics determine real user intent.

Proactive Management

Forward-thinking monitoring by highly trained CyberSiARA personnel.

Future-Proof Fraud Prevention for travel and tourism

The threat that fraudsters pose is constantly evolving, and fraud prevention solutions must always be one step ahead to be truly effective. The CyberSiARA approach ensures that fraud prevention measures are future-proof.

CyberSiARA applies comprehensive analytic processes to all traffic. Behavioural knowledge that evolves with every threat level allows for user intent to be determined, and suspicious activity to be identified. While genuine users enjoy a seamless access experience, potentially fraudulent accounts are confronted with intuitive interactive challenges that increase in complexity to meet all levels of sophistication. By trapping malicious traffic in this way, the time and resources of fraudsters are drained to the point of ensuring the attack is no longer financially viable.