How the dark web poses a threat to your business

  • 01 February 2021

How the dark web poses a threat to your business

By: Dr Mohammad Reza Beheshti

In short many people associate the dark web with nefarious activities and consider it a world away from what they and their business are doing.

The dark web can be accessed by anyone and although it is known for its dark side, in some countries where free speech and free journalism is not permitted, it is here on the dark web. This is not a place to explore as your computer could easily be exposed to hackers or ransomware. Information found on the dark web is unregulated.

From a cyber security threat perspective, the dark web is where cybercriminals sell or trade stolen information, such as personal banking details, social security numbers, digital credentials, IP or other trade secrets. While activity on the dark web is anonymous, law enforcement agencies, the intelligence community and cybersecurity professionals often maintain a presence on the dark web in an attempt to monitor, trace or trap cybercriminals. 

For many, simply knowing what information is being bought and sold online may help organisations and people take the appropriate steps to protect their information and assets. The currency used on the dark web is Bitcoin, a currency that can’t be traced. Ransomware is an attack that will encrypt your system and ask for money to release your system back to normal. Activity on the dark web is made anonymous through a series of routing and encryption techniques.

This is where SiaraShield plays a part. Our smart solution for stopping harmful traffic and bots at the gateway to your website means they will not be able to access your site to scrape data and overload your server with too many requests leaving it unable to cope or try to steal financial and personal information from your organisation and sell it on the dark web. Combining AI with a sophisticated algorithm that is based on human Trans-saccadic eye movement to analyse the human vs. machine response, SiaraShield cannot be fooled by bots. 

SiaraShield is available for FREE for many businesses right now so why not contact us to get your website secured.

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