Inside the SiaraShield Dashboard

  • 20 January 2021

Inside the SiaraShield Dashboard

By: Dr Mohammad Reza Beheshti

One of the key aspects of SiaraShield putting it ahead of many other cyber security tools is its dashboard. In this blog, we will drill down into what your business can get out of the dashboard.

When you login to the SiaraShield dashboard it provides an in-depth overview of the traffic that has been hitting your website both in terms of real human users and bad bots or potential threats. You can filter your view by time period and type of traffic to give an overview of the information you would like to see and report on.





These graphs show clearly the three types of attack made on the site during the time period specified. Three types of traffic are human (green), dubious (orange) and potential threat (red). The definition of human traffic is straightforward. Dubious might be from good bots (i.e. Google bots, SEO bots,etc.), those skimming the surface of the website for data collection without harming or interacting with your website and servers. Potential threats include bad bots and web attack – it is this type of threat that SiaraShield identifies with its unique technology and blocks it right there at this stage.



Those bad bots can be stopped once the system has identified them as a threat blocking them instantly as well as blocking the entire cyber threat traffic after some failed attempts. A harmful attack such as this on a non-protected website could thrust many attempts at your login in a matter of seconds and this could have catastrophic consequences on a website. It could crash or disable the server so sending the website down.

Further information on the dashboard includes advanced Threat Intelligence where it shows what devices were used and what type of threat was present and the type of browser that was used. The devices section will isolate whether it was mobile, desktop or proxy server. There’s also a helpful map also showing where all types of your traffic came from, drilled down to city level.

This dashboard is unique for a cyber security tool that works at entry level. From here your business can gather so much information about the type of threats and the amount of cyber security threats your business is facing. The information within the dashboard overview is excellent as a reporting tool so that you can see what aspects of your website are the most vulnerable.

Cyber-crime is on the rise. If you think your business is protected with Google ReCaptcha then you are wrong. To stop advanced AI algorithms infiltrating your website you need a stronger tool.

SiaraShield is FREE to download and use for many businesses so contact us today to see how quickly you can start minimising your chances of cyber-attack.

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