Stay Aware Threat Intelligence

  • 28 January 2021

Stay Aware Threat Intelligence

By: Dr Mohammad Reza Beheshti

How aware are you of the threats to your website? What cyber security tool are you using to monitor the traffic coming to your business? Here at CyberSiara our premium cyber security tool is SiaraShield. This unique easy to install plug-in is the leader in its field and stops cyber threats before they reach your website.

SiaraShield features a dashboard that boasts many cyber security management tools. One of those is the Threat Intelligence Report. For a tool used at captcha level SiaraShield is the only one that offers a detailed threat intelligence report enabling you to prevent problems at source. Simply put, this report shows you three categories of threat in a traffic light system: Green (Human); Orange (Dubious); Red (Potential Threat).





The system records information including date and time of login; requests blocked; country/city of attempted login. Simply select the time period and type of traffic you want to view and the report will load for you. Important information you will note here is the number of login attempts one IP address may have tried which can be a potential DoS attack. SiaraShield can recognise a potential threat due to its AI mechanism and therefore it blocks suspect attempts at the first login. Our advanced algorithm is sophisticated enough to recognise the bad traffic and stop the threat even if the attacker uses different IP addresses on each request which can lead to DDoS attack.



Current cyber security tools do not have the ability to do this and in essence this means bots can use fake IP addresses or spoofed IP to login thousands of times within seconds without being detected. This kind of activity could lead your server to crash, account stuffing and personal details of your clients lost.

Using this report, you can track the types of attack, where those attacks are coming from and the date and time of the attacks. This will allow your IT team to manage any potential weaknesses in your website.

Current captcha technologies cannot protect against many types of attack and so why not give SiaraShield the opportunity to show you what it can do for your business? Did you know our advanced cyber security solution is completely FREE?  With this pandemic stepping up every day and more transactions happening online you need to make sure your customers are as safe as possible and that your business continues to thrive.

If you would like further information on how our threat intelligence feature makes you aware of the threats to your website contact

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